Alchemy & Action

Rituals, Remedies and Aligned Action to Ignite your Life and Work.

What if there was an easier way to create what you want in life and work?

Here’s what we’ve been told: Set a SMART goal. Break it into milestones. Track your progress. Create supportive habits.

Doesn’t feel very inspiring, does it?

We start our “new year” with ambitious goals in January, but abandon them before the month is out.

Turns out, it’s not your fault. Starting projects in January sets you up for a struggle! It’s all about the energy.

Align with the Wheel of the Year

Did you know the year is like a wheel?

We don’t think of the year like this anymore, but it makes sense:

  • Winter is for resting, nourishing, introspection. It’s short, dark days spent around the fire, focused inwards on home, family, self.
  • Spring is the season of renewal, fresh starts, planting seeds, making space for potential.
  • Summer is the time of peak energy. Bright, hot sun, longer days, maximum growth and activity.
  • Autumn is about harvesting, feasting and preserving. Choosing what to carry ahead and what to let go.

Our ancestors knew this cycle intimately. For most of our 200,000 years on earth, humans lived in tune with these seasonal influences.

Until now.

Now we like to live exactly the same, year-round. (Except maybe for Pumpkin Spice Latte season!)

But once you realize these seasonal influences are still happening (despite our efforts to ignore them), it seems crazy that we try to set goals and launch new projects in the middle of winter!

When you tap into seasonal energy,your life and work flow with ease.gnite your Life and Work.

Alchemy & Action: Spring Edition is my NEW Program with Rituals, Remedies and Aligned Action to Ignite your Life and Work.

In this brand new 4-week online experience, I’ll lead you through rituals, exercises, reflections and aligned action to turn your dreams & plans into reality.

No matter what you want to create in your life and work – these four weeks will launch you on your way.

We’ll flow with the growth-oriented energy of Spring, amplifying everything you want to create, while nourishing your mind and bodysparking your curiosity and creativity, and deeply connecting with the season.

(Feels more exciting than setting another SMART goal, right?)

Inspirational, Beautiful and Magical!​

"I love Amanda’s workshops, using the plants from our meadows and hedgerows she always manages to come up with something beautiful and a bit magical. Inspirational, I learn something new every time. She’s very good fun too!"
Romy Fraser
Founder, Neal's Yard Remedies & Trill Farm

Here’s how Alchemy & Action works:

  • Alchemy & Action Spring 2019 is a 4-week online program.
  • It starts Monday, April 15, 2019 and runs for 4 weeks (until Friday May 10, 2019).
  • Each week, I’ll share a lesson and several options for rituals and action steps.
  • It’s flexible: watch the lesson and do the rituals and actions on your own schedule that week.
  • I’ve designed Alchemy & Action to fit into your life. At minimum, I recommend doing one ritual per week. Of course you can do more (I’ll give suggestions to go further & deeper into topics.)
  • Expect to spend 1-2 hours per week on the program.
  • There is an OPTIONAL Facebook group for connection, sharing and questions.

Blending the Practical & Creative Play!

"I use the perfume blend I made at Amanda's workshop every day to remind me of my intention to feel more peace of mind. I love how Amanda blends the practical (setting intentions) with creative play, and that I ended up with an oil I can use everyday to keep myself on track! I'm going back for another workshop because I find the topic, and Amanda, so interesting and inspiring!"
Dee Safieh
London, UK

Peek Inside...

I’ve infused Alchemy & Action with magic and curiosity, so I don’t want to share everything until we begin, but here’s a glimpse into the theme for each week

Week 1: Align

Create what you want in life and work by aligning with seasonal energy. Wheel of the year. Seasonal energetics. Intention ritual.

Week 2: Declutter

Clear away the physical, mental and emotional clutter to make space for new possibilities. Forgiveness. Renewal ritual.

Week 3: Embody

Integrate your goals and intentions into your life and work. Inner compass. Ancestors. Embodiment ritual. 

Week 4: Flow

Allow your creative energy to flow with ease. Giving yourself permission. Aligned action that’s right for you, right now.

I absolutely adore Amanda's work

"...her passion for old wisdom, her wonderful recipes, her quirky interests and her great sense of humor! And all of it is accomplished with a great deal of intellect and insight. I often wish I could live at her house and have her pamper me with all her goodness, but, for now, I'm contented with having her as a mentor and inspiration. Thank you Amanda! Keep up with the awesomeness!"
Wellness Coach

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