April 9

Finding My Center (again) in Hong Kong



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Finding My Center (again) in Hong Kong

Humidity. People. Noodles. So. Much. Tea.

More people, above and below and around.  Everywhere.

Markets.  So many markets!  Bursting with fruits I don’t recognize, endless green leafy veggies, and dried herbs that pique my curiosity and desire to learn some Cantonese.

I’m in Hong Kong.  And the VintageAmanda adventure continues, here on the other side of the world.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here on VintageAmanda.  Almost a year.  Crazy, that.

It doesn’t feel that long since I made the silent decision to turn my focus to my digital marketing business, but at the same time it feels like I’m coming home to a good friend.

So to catch you up, in short – my husband and I are in Hong Kong for six months, maybe longer.

And this move feels like the perfect moment to reconnect with natural health and beauty – because it’s everywhere in Hong Kong – and it’s time.

As I discovered on my trips to Thailand and Vietnam – using herbs for health and beauty is universal.  The techniques are even mostly the same.  Just the ingredients are different.

Great-grandma picked whatever grew wild and abundant outside her door.

So in England we use Nettles and Rosehips and Elderflower.  In Thailand, it’s ginger, in Vietnam it’s limes, and in Hong Kong its… well, I don’t know yet, but I’m on a mission to find out!

We’ve been here about a month so far, and it’s flown by in a flash, which included an inspiring week in the Philippines and a visit from family.

So now, I’m finding my center again amidst the urban craziness.

My morning routine.  Exercise.  Stretching.  Tea.  Writing.  Work.  Exploring. Photography.

I’m actively looking for herbal and organic connections here in Hong Kong and I’m slowly finding some good leads – so if you know of anyone/anyplace that’s a must-visit, please get in touch.

I’ll be back very soon with Hong Kong natural health + beauty inspiration (and tips on how to survive the scorching heat and humidity – naturally!)

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