"Get Through the Day" Spray


"Get Through the Day" Spray

Isn’t it fun when something that’s good for you, also feels like a little luxury?

Take dark chocolate for example.  Delicious and indulgent … and also full of antioxidants!

Or getting a massage.  Feels amazing, but also reduces stress, helps muscle pain and boosts your lymphatic flow.

This week I’m sharing a quick and easy little project that fits this criteria too.

A stress relief aromatherapy spray that clears your mind, helps you cope with daily stress AND feels like a treat to use.

This isn’t your average lavender-filled pillow spray.  This is a boosting blend to use during the day.  Pop it in your handbag and spritz away!

Essential oils for clearing your mind, and handling stress.

I specifically created this blend to use during the day.  Instead of a lavender-filled evening blend to wind down for sleep, this is the scent to take with you to work!

Note: Because of the Clary Sage included, it is not appropriate for pregnant women.

Information below obtained from aromatherapy books (source 1 :: source 2)

Grapefruit Essential Oil:  reviving and refreshing, especially on an emotional level.  Antibacterial, antidepressant, diuretic (promotes urination) and detoxifying.  Toning to the body.

Geranium Essential Oil: has a general harmonizing effect on the emotions, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, regulates hormone levels, adaptogenic (can be both slightly stimulating and relaxing to the body), diuretic (promotes urination).  Helps anxiety, depression and nervous tension.

Clary Sage Essential Oil: has a general relaxing, warming, uplifting effect on the emotions; calms the nervous system, antibacterial, antidepressant, and … aphrodisiac!  However, it also promotes menstruation, so do not use this oil during pregnancy.  


Get Through the Day Spray

A relaxing and uplifting spray to clear your mind, and help you cope with stress!  


7 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

7 drops Geranium Essential Oil

7 drops Clary Sage Essential Oil (do not use during pregnancy)

100ml (approx. 6 tablespoons) distilled water (or pure rose water / rose hydrosol)

A small spray bottle (holding approx. 100ml)


Add water to spray bottle.  Add essential oils.  Shake to blend.

That’s it!

To use, simply spray the air around you several times, and then breathe slowly… relax.

Keep this blend in your handbag.  Use it at work.  Before an important meeting.  On your commute.  You can even use it as a body splash or room spray!

Shake well before use.  Use within 3 months.  No need to refrigerate (if you used distilled water.  Tap water will make it spoil much quicker.)


For more stress relief remedies, check out my Stress Relief Body Cream and 7 Home Remedies for Stress.


What are your favorite aromatherapy blends for a quick pick-me-up?  Let us know in the comments!

About the author

Amanda Cook is an author, entrepreneur & alchemist. She helps entrepreneurs, business owners & executives rediscover their inner guidance, so they can create meaning, success & magic in their next stage of life & work.

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  1. I am not a fan of Geranium. Does the Clary Sage & Grapefruit alter the Geranium enough that it would be tolerable?

    1. Hi Gemma, if you don’t like the geranium, just leave it out. No need to include anything you don’t want to in your homemade products!

  2. I love this idea – such a quick and simple fix. Will definitely be making this. Now to go and buy the oils…

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