Inspiration: Market in Zagreb, Croatia


Inspiration: Market in Zagreb, Croatia

One of the perks of living in the UK is quick trips to Europe!  Recently I spent a few days in Zagreb, Croatia, and as usual, was on the lookout for VintageAmanda inspiration.  I also have a weakness for markets – which although Zak thinks they are ‘all the same’ – they’re really not!  Sure they all have the basic vegetables, but every country’s markets have their own personality.

Zagreb had a huge central market with around 100 different stands of fruit, veg and flowers. I was not expecting it to be so big in such a small city.

One idea I love is that they sold pre-bundled soup vegetables.  For 7 Kuna (about £1), you get a bundle of carrots, cabbage, parsnips etc… the essential vegetables for a pot of soup.  It’s like convenience food for home cooking – love it.


In this next picture you can see the vendor is staying true to old technology, and using solid weights and balance scales to weigh the produce.


This stand was selling lavender products – essential oil, sprays and sachets.  We’ll make our own sprays & sachets in an upcoming post!


And finally, a little sign of spring in the flower market…


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  1. Aah I believe in solid weights and old fashion scales. They’re top accurate and a great gymnastic for the neurones 😉

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