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True Alignment
in Your
Life & Work

Alchemy & Action is the membership for women entrepreneurs & executives to align your life and work by connecting with the seasons.

What Does Alignment Feel Like?
Grounded. Spacious. Intentional.

You're showing up as the best version of yourself, everyday.

You're living & working in line with your values.

Your mantra is ease and flow. 

Nice vision, right? But in reality you’re operating the way you always have: Make a plan, take action, measure results.

  • If it’s not happening fast enough, work harder.
  • Sometimes you feel like you’re running on autopilot, just going through the motions.
  • You're doing the right things - but they often feel like "shoulds" and "have tos", instead of "wants" and "get tos"

This approach has served you well so far in life. It has gotten you HERE. You’ve created a great career or business, checked items off your list, experienced success.

So why wouldn’t you just stay on this path and achieve even more?

The truth is, your old definition of success
feels less exciting than it used to.

And the approach that got you here? It won’t get you to where you’re going next...

Welcome to a different way to live & work.

A way filled with ease and flow.
Hearing and trusting your intuition.
Getting back to the deepest, richest, truest version of you.

Remembering who you were, 

before the world told you who you should be.

Yes. That's how you want to show up
for the next phase of your life and work.

That’s the path we’re walking together, in Alchemy & Action.

This group makes me a better entrepreneur.

I work better, show up better, feel better when I am grounded & connected to the magic.

Nichole Sears

Alchemy & Action gave me a nudge to finally do things I’ve always wanted to do, like create a sacred space in my house and experiment with rituals. It’s really practical, hands-on, easy and fun!

Mariko Lavender-Jones

Alchemy & Action is a phenomenal resource to align your life-personal and professional-not only with the seasons but with your most deeply-held values and beliefs. 

Liza Baker

Why connect with the seasons?

For thousands of years, humans lived in tune with natural seasonal cycles. It's only in the past hundred years that we've forgotten how...

Connecting with the seasons awakens a deep, ancient knowing within us.

It brings us into the present moment.
Connects us to the earth and our intuition.
Calms and centers us.
It’s also easy for us to do!

It’s not so much learning to connect to the season, but remembering.

Alchemy & Action® is the membership for women entrepreneurs and executives to align your life and work.

We do this through the 5 Elements of Alignment.

The 5 Elements of Alignment

These 5 essential elements provide a clear path to bring our life & work into alignment. 

Element of Alignment #1


Become grounded, centered and deeply well.
This element calibrates your inner compass.

Element of Alignment #2


Create moments of space and quiet,
where alignment, insights and magic can happen.

Element of Alignment #3

Seasonal Rhythms.

Connect with the natural energy of the season.
Become more mindful and present.
Experience more ease and flow.

Element of Alignment #4


Hear and trust your inner guidance.

It's this inner wisdom that leads you towards your best life.

Element of Alignment #5


Create rituals and practices that support your whole self.
Herbs, essential oils, ceremonies, moon magic, crystals, intentions, and more - you’ll learn simple rituals to incorporate into your daily life that support your alignment.

As you bring the 5 elements into balance,
you’ll find your life and work shift into alignment too.

Hi, I’m Amanda Cook.

I’m an author, entrepreneur and alchemist. I created Alchemy & Action as a result of my personal journey from forcing to flow. Here's my story...

When I was very young, I spent hours playing outside, talking to trees, intensely curious and creative. Around age 11, this changed. 

Suddenly aware of how different I was from the other kids, I decided I could keep my weirdness inside and just learn to act differently. Then I'd fit in, and everyone would like me (right?) Surely, if I could just be perfect, I'd be successful at life/school/everything - and that must be the secret to happiness. I followed this approach for about 20 years...

I went from being the straight-A student, to the model employee. I was smart, motivated, focused and a hard worker. After University, I spent 12 years working in the tech industry. I got promotions and the perks that went along with them. I traveled around the world. I moved from Washington, DC to Paris and then to London. I was doing All The Things, by all accounts I was successful, but deep down, I felt there was something more meaningful I was supposed to do...

So I became an entrepreneur. In 2012, I founded Wellpreneur, started a podcast, published a book, grew the business. I had tons more freedom in my life & work, but I was still operating the only way I knew how: push, hustle, work harder.

The result was that I always felt like two different people: “Work Amanda” and “Real Amanda”.
Work-me got stuff done in the world. But Real-me was where my heart was: curious, creative, quirky, deeply called to work with plants and ancestors. 

Unfortunately, Real-me was only allowed to come out and play on nights and weekends (and then very quietly, so she didn’t derail my work!)


The whole time, thankfully, I let myself follow my intuition as a hobby

I studied herbal medicine, genealogy, personal development, and coaching. I explored tarot cards, meditating, free writing, collecting crystals and charging them under the full moon, studying reiki and spending more time in nature. 

The more I tapped into other ways of knowing, the more grounded, spacious and aligned I felt. My intuition got louder and more clear. I felt present and intentional. I felt ease and flow more often.

So I took a brave leap of faith, and started sharing these tools with my clients - turns out, they loved them too.

I created Alchemy & Action as the path and the community that I craved for myself. It turns out, many other high-achieving women need it too. Alchemy & Action is a space for women like us, to explore different ways of knowing, living and working, with a likeminded community who gets it.

It’s the Alchemy (the magic, rituals, plants, ancestors, practices) and the Action (clear, practical steps and practices) together in one place.

If this speaks to you, if you feel a nudge or whisper towards this way of being in the world - please join us!

What’s included in Alchemy & Action?

Alchemy & Action is a monthly membership.

The membership follows the rhythm of the seasons, so we’ll cover all areas of life & work over a complete year cycle. (I hope you’ll join us for the entire year, but you can cancel at any time!)

Here’s what you get as a member:

  • Weekly Shift into Alignment. Weekly bite-size piece of seasonal-inspired content to help you grow in one of the 5 Elements of Alignment such as a training, worksheet, journal prompts, guided ritual etc.  
  • Seasonal Ceremonies. These are live, magical, powerful, guided ceremonies for us to set intentions, celebrate the season and gather as a community. (On Zoom, one each season or 4 per year.)
  • Private Member Community. This is our safe space to connect with our community of likeminded women who get it. It's the hub for our content, sharing, connection (and it's not on Facebook!)
  • Weekly Member Newsletter. An easy way to keep up with what's happening, including upcoming events, highlights of the best discussions in the community and reminders about moon cycles, solstice, equinox etc.
  • Desktop and Mobile App. Access the member content and community via desktop or mobile app (Android and iOS), so you can learn and connect when it's convenient for you.

Join Alchemy & Action

We're only open for new members twice per year - and it's happening now!

Monthly Member

No commitment. Cancel anytime.

$ 29 / month

  • Weekly Shift Into Alignment (seasonal-inspired, bite-size content)
  • Seasonal Ceremonies
  • Private Member Community
  • Weekly Member Newsletter
  • Desktop and Mobile App

$ 29 / month

vip member

Seasonal private sessions with founder Amanda Cook plus a bespoke intention oil.

$2,900 / year

  • Everything included in the Annual Membership.
  • 4 Private Alignment Sessions with Founder and Alchemist Amanda Cook (one per season.) We'll use energetic and practical tools to identify your focus areas for the coming season, then create supportive practices to shift you into alignment.  50-minute session via Zoom (recording available).
  • 4 Distance Reiki Healings (one after each private session) to harmonize your energy and ease your integration of the shifts we discussed.
  • After your first private session, you'll receive a Bespoke Intention Oil handcrafted by Amanda. She'll choose the essential oils in your blend based on your intentions (and a bit of intuition!) for you to use in rituals and ceremonies throughout the year.  

$2,900 / year

"What you seek, is seeking you."


Meet some of our members... 

We are so conditioned to do more, more, more all the time! I love this different approach.

I have joined (and dropped out of) other membership groups before but I have to say that your philosophy and way of doing things totally resonates with me. Is it the time of life I am in? Maybe. I am in a huge state of transition right now personally (just became an empty nester) and questioning my business, career and feeling very burnt out! I heard your podcast at first on the wheel of the year and was completely taken with that as I have been conditioned, like so many of us, to see December 31st as a hard ending and needing to harshly go back and evaluate everything that got accomplished and did not. The pressure felt huge, and a little soul killing because I never felt like I accomplished enough. The reminder, and validation, that this is the winter season and a chance to rest, reevaluate and plan has been huge. It's very nice to be with you and a group that is working through this too. We are so conditioned to do more more more all the time and I am burnt out on that! So thanks!

Heather Carey

I had practiced religious rituals daily for over 30 years and then about 15 years ago, I walked away from a faith that I realized didn't support my values. It was very freeing, but I didn't realize until this program how much I got out of having a ritual. So learning new ideas for a ritual that supports my intentions is really one of the most rewarding things I've done in a long time. Alchemy & Action helps you refocus your work on your most important values and access your creative mind.

Shauna Hill

I absolutely loved doing the rituals. I learned new techniques to balance myself and clear blocks which work so well! We each have our own answers within us, we just need to follow our own guidance, and this program helps you do that.

Michiko Ose

My mind and my house are much less muddled and cluttered, and my hot flushes have even reduced to just the odd one or two now and then! The program helped me create my own ritual that I now look forward to as MY time and feel the calm coming over me as I start. I think part of Alchemy & Action is 'giving permission' for us to pay attention to ourselves and give ourselves some care. Thank you!!

Dawn Ireland

Alchemy & Action spoke to what I felt was missing in my journey as an entrepreneur

And what was missing was an acknowledgment that everything we do is connected to the world around us - the wheel of the year, the cycles of the moon, etc. It also came at a time when I was exploring how to be more attuned to the natural world. Alchemy & Action has provided me with a community that thinks like I do, wants to connect all aspects of our "being" like I do and provides me with easy action steps to implement. I also adore Amanda's authenticity in building this program out for us and her dedication to listening to our needs and building something that is customized for us. It's really awesome! And it all just speaks to ME!

Shelly Alindgren Outwater

Deep down, I knew that my soul craved this experience

Alchemy & Action appeared amid the busy daily routine that had become dull but charged by the endless chores of a young kids' mom. In the middle of my accelerated exploration of new business opportunities. Exactly while I was going through the intensive spiritual growth, and while the changes in our expat-family dynamics were lurking. Of course, I had no time for it, but deep down, I knew that my soul craved this experience. I've known Amanda for years, and I knew that she would share the good stuff. Alchemy & Action was so wonderfully balanced in content. Not only that I didn't feel overwhelmed, but I also got more space in my day. I started to make 10 minute breaks and go out for a walk daily. I began to actively work on my energy levels during the day, to ground, and to protect myself. It helped me to give permission to myself to apply and practice everything that I was learning for years. I felt safe to share my experiences within the group of lovely and kind spirited women from around the world. In the beginning, I was afraid that this would be pure escapism from the things that I was dealing with, but on the contrary, it was a beautiful enhancement on my inward journey that grounded me and helped me integrate the knowledge through practice and rituals.

Marija Maravic

Is this the year you'll align your life & work for more ease, flow and joy? Join us.

Monthly membership. Cancel anytime.