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What if there was a different way to live and work?

A way filled with ease and flow.
Hearing and trusting your intuition.
Getting back to the deepest, richest, truest version of you.

Remembering who you were, 
before the world told you who you should be.

Yes. THAT'S how you want to show up
for the next phase of your life and work.

That’s the path we’re walking together, in Alchemy & Action.

This group makes me a better entrepreneur.

I work better, show up better, feel better when I am grounded & connected to the magic.

Nichole Sears

This course gave me a nudge to finally do things I’ve always wanted to do, like create a sacred space in my house and experiment with rituals. It also inspired me to dig into my own cultural background and rituals that I can incorporate into my life. It’s really practical, hands-on, easy and fun!

Mariko Lavender-Jones

Alchemy + Action is a phenomenal resource to align your life-personal and professional-not only with the seasons but with your most deeply-held values and beliefs. As a super-practical person most of my life, this course gave me permission to get in touch with my own woo when that tug kept pulling at me.

Liza Baker

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