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The Roots of You.

What if you could deepen your connection to yourself, your place in the world, your ancestors, each other?  

Our free, flexible lifestyles are amazing, but over the past few years I’ve had a nagging feeling that something is missing.  


Feeling deeply rooted in the earth. Connected to where you are. To the elements. The seasons. The plants.  

Connected to your ancestors, and growing from there.  

We may not live where our ancestors did. We may not live where we were born. But by strengthening your connection to the earth, the ingredients, your ancestors, you’re able to feel aligned, connected, grounded, and a deep satisfaction that your life and work have meaning.

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Explore your place in the world – and how your places in the world have made you, you.

Beta Program price: $97

Join me on an ancestral journey...

The Roots of You


For more than 7 years I’ve studied herbal medicine. I’ve learned from Italian grandmothers and Thai traditional herbalists and French aromatherapists and English foragers.  

And what I’ve discovered is – the ingredients (herbs, spices, weeds, plants, foods, scents) are our gateway into deepening our connection with the earth, with our roots, with ourselves…


Your great-great-grandmother, no matter where she lived, walked out her door and used the plants around her for food, medicine, beauty. (That’s what everyone did. There was no pharmacy to go to!)  

A Thai grandmother would have used chili and ginger and turmeric. An English grandmother would’ve used rosemary and nettles and elderberries.  

The ingredients are deeply linked to the place, and the seasons. And those ingredients would drive our food, medicine, beauty, rituals … all of life.  

Of course, we’ve forgotten most of that now. 

But it’s not lost. 

It’s right there, in the plants, in our bodies, in the earth – the wisdom is there, we just need to reconnect with it.



If you’re feeling the call for a deeper connection to yourself, your place in the world, and your ancestors – I have an invitation for you…  

I’m running a new program called The Roots of You. 

It starts November 27, 2017.  

I’m looking for beta members to co-create it with me. This program is entirely new. 

I have a clear outline and a plan (and it’s magical!!!) – but I’ll be creating and shaping the program as we go along, based on your feedback and experience.  

We’ll be on this ancestral journey together.  



The Roots of You beta program is a 3 week online course.

The course begins Monday 27 Nov, 2017, and finishes Monday Dec 18, 2017.

The cost of the beta program is $97 (US Dollars)

This is a course to deepen your understanding of yourself, and your place in the world – and how your “places” in the world have shaped you. It’s a personal journey, exploring your connection to yourself, where you live, where you grew up, and your ancestors.

You’ll get a daily email from me each week day of the course. Each email will contain an essay or lesson from me, and an exercise for the day. It might include journaling, photos, meditation, connecting with ingredients (food, herbs, plants etc.), an activity in nature etc.

There will be a completely optional Facebook group during the course to share your insights + connections with other participants.

After the course finishes, I’ll send you a PDF eBook of all the lessons and exercises, so you can continue the exploration on your own. (As this is the very first time I’m offering this course, it may take me a week or two to produce the final eBook once we finish.)



If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know plants and ancestral wisdom are my deep passion, and I am so excited to lead you through this experience to deepen your own connection with the world.  

If this course calls to you, I hope you’ll join me as part of the very first group to trace The Roots of You.  

I can’t wait to see what you discover…  


Starts Tomorrow - Will You Join Us?

Explore your place in the world – and how your places in the world have made you, you.

Beta Program price: $97

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