Think of Effective Anti-Aging Workshop as a way to get that ‘natural glow’ back. Hoping that you’ll keep your looks is great, but if you feel it’s time to turn things around – join me for this special online workshop where I’ll share the secrets to looking younger, naturally! With specific anti-aging foods and natural beauty ingredients you put in use you’ll be seeing immediate results. And when we’re talking anti-aging, that’s what we really want – visible results.

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For over 12 years I worked in the computer software industry in the US, France and the UK.  I traveled extensively.  I abandoned my creative side and lost touch with myself while just trying to keep up with my schedule and my relationships.
Balance for Busy People is a 14-day e-course to help you have less stress and more energy – without changing your life.
Everyday for 14 days, I’ll give you a small, actionable task to uncover and adopt your own personal life balance – that adds up to big results after 14 days.

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My book is for all of you natural health and beauty lovers and enthusiasts who wish to take their passion to the next level and get into the online Health and Wellness business. The Wellpreneur Book is meant for all aspiring wellness entrepreneurs like health coaches, yoga teachers, personal trainers, nutritionists, health bloggers and more who want to learn how to grow their wellness business online.

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I just love Done-for-You programs by Health Coach Solutions! One of the 5 available programs will fit just perfect with your business, and if you get the entire Business Bundle you can save $75 with coupon code “Amanda75”. Start coaching today with fully customizable health coaching programs.

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You should also check out The Wellpreneur Podcast, a weekly show about digital marketing and business for wellness entrepreneurs. If you’re a health coach, yoga teacher, herbalist, personal trainer, nutritionist or other holistic wellness practitioner (or if you’re aspiring to be one!) – you won’t want to miss my podcast!

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