What if there was a different way to live and work?

Nature-based personal growth for high-achieving women.


Experience (re)align: 5 days of ease & flow in your life & work

What I Do...


Articles and essays on how to align your life and work by connecting with nature.


Listen to Alchemy & Action, the show about nature based personal growth for high achieving women.


Take one of my courses to align your life & work, connect with nature, and create a life of meaning & magic.

Hi, I'm Amanda...

Hi, I'm Amanda Cook.

I'm an author, entrepreneur & alchemist.

I believe we can create lives of meaning & magic through deep connection. Connection with ourselves, our places, the seasons, our community, our ancestors & the wild plants around us.

My work explores the intersection of personal growth, entrepreneurship and alchemy.

On the blog...

I love Amanda’s workshops, using the plants from our meadows and hedgerows she always manages to come up with something beautiful and a bit magical. Inspirational- I learn something new every time.

Romy Fraser Founder, Neals Yard Remedies and Trill Farm

Amanda's programs are a phenomenal resource for women looking to align their lives-business and professional-not only with the seasons but with their most deeply-held values and beliefs.

Liza Baker Holistic Life Coach

Amanda is my guide to take massive action in line with my true self.

I work better, show up better, feel better when I am grounded & connected to the magic.

Nichole Sears Entrepreneur