How Do You Answer the Question

 "What's Next?"

I help entrepreneurs, business owners & executives rediscover their inner guidance, so they can create meaning, success & magic in their next stage of life & work. 

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"What Got You Here, Won't Get You There."

- Marshall Goldsmith

(re)discover. (re)connect. (re)align.

Who do you need to be for this next phase of life & work?

About Amanda Cook

I'm an author, entrepreneur & alchemist.

I help entrepreneurs, business owners & executives answer the question "What's next?" so that they can create the next phase of life & work with meaning, impact & magic.

"I work better, show up better, feel better when I am grounded & connected to the magic."

- Nichole Sears

"This is a phenomenal resource for entrepreneurs looking to align their lives, business and professional, not only with the seasons but with their most deeply-held values and beliefs."

- Liza Baker