When you choose to live an abundant life, you are choosing to believe there is enough to go around. There is enough happiness, peace, tranquility, food, education, love, etc, for you to live your best life.

You won’t struggle day to day with worries about how little time you have and how much more you have to get done.

To be successful in your abundance life journey, you must live with an abundance living mindset. This is the mindset that allows you to think in terms of always having enough. The world, God, and your family will always provide you with an abundance of the things you need, and your life will always be full.

Why Live With An Abundance Living Mindset

Having an abundant living mindset will set you up for a long and happy life, releasing you from that nagging feeling of not being enough, not having enough, and not giving enough.

Having an abundant life makes you realize you don’t need tons of materialistic things. All you need is your health, your family, your happiness, your God, and constant new beginnings.

An abundant life teaches new prosperity and the fullness of life and has to lead many people on their journey to seeking the meaning of life or their life.

5 Ways to Develop an Abundance Living Mindset

We want to see you live happily and to the fullest, to do that, we developed a list of 5 of the best ways to get yourself into the proper mindset in order to really feel the benefits of living an abundant life.

There are many techniques as tips you can follow in order to develop the abundance living mindset, but here we wanted to focus on our top 5 favorites.

  • Focusing on all of your strengths
  • Taking the time to enjoy all the things you love to do
  • Gratitude and being thankful for all the things you already have
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people who also live with an abundance mindset.
  • Practice meditation

When you are able to use these tools daily to help you get into a habit of thinking abundantly, you will find yourself relying less and less on tips and tricks and naturally allowing your mind to accept the life you have, acknowledging the options for you are endless.

Now, let’s take some time to discuss these five helpful ways to begin living a better life. 

1. Focus on Your Strengths

Focus on Your Strengths

A great way to get into an abundant living mindset is to push your weaknesses to the back burner and focus on your strengths and find ways to help them grow. Focus on the things you are good at and allow yourself to become even better.

Even if you are the MVP on your weekend volleyball team, keep practicing because there is always room for improvement. If you are the highest seller in your department, strive to do better the following month. Perfection is unattainable, so reach for your very best each and every time.

What you can do:

Think of the biggest obtainable goal you want to reach in life, then create a step-by-step list of smaller goals to help you get there. Take some time to enjoy the process of being the best you.

2. Take time to Enjoy the Things You Love

It will be much more difficult to get into a negative mindset when you are out enjoying activities that you love to do.

You will find that there is an abundance of ways to keep yourself wrapped up in all of the things you find pleasing.

If you like to hike, you will never run out of trails to explore; if you enjoy painting, your options are endless; if you are a big reader, you can pick up new books from just about anywhere.

Once you find a way to spend time frequently doing the things you love, you will have the opportunity to open your mind up to adventures, excitement, and the fact that you do have time to be you.

What you can do:

Bucket lists… Create a bucket list of things you would love to accomplish in your lifetime. It can be big things, like tackling a triathlon, or smaller goals, like volunteering at your local animal shelter for the day.

Writing down plans of action is a great way to visually notice how much there is left in the world for you to do.

Another option is the desire map. Define the values you have and then utilize them to get the things you want.

3. Be Thankful For All You Have (Gratitude)

Be Thankful For All You Have (Gratitude)

There are many stories told by children who grew up in poverty but never knew they were poor because they had what they needed to survive and they had a loving family?

They were the lucky kids who didn’t realize they were missing out on the materialist things the world had to offer, and they were still very happy.

When you think in a scarcity mindset, you will never feel like you have enough. However, when you start to think abundantly, you will see how much it is available to you!

What you can do:
Many people who take time to be mindful of an abundant lifestyle will write in a gratitude journal. Jot down a few things you come up with each day that make you feel good at a particular moment.

4. Surround Yourself With Abundant Living People

Ahhh, misery loves company. We hear that all the time, right? There are people out there who feel if they are in a bad place in life, they want others surrounding them to feel the same way. Why? Because no one wants to be alone in their feelings, they don’t want to be the sad person in a room full of happiness.

The same can be said for those with a scarcity mindset. People who want more, need more, thrive on becoming more can pull you down.

 If you choose to step away from those people and surround yourself with people who already live abundantly, it will be much easier to see the positive side of things and recognize you don’t need more, because you always have enough.

What you can do:

Spread the word.  It will be much easier to surround yourself with people who think with an abundant mindset if you spread the idea to those who may not have heard of the concept.

5. Meditate


Meditation is a great way to get clarification and understanding of your feelings, from the physical ones to the mental and emotional ones.

While you meditate, you have the chance to search your soul to find what makes you identify where you feel your weaknesses lie and get a good grasp on why you feel that way.

Then you can push those negative feelings away and clear your mind to make room for more abundant thoughts to enter.

What you can do:

Find a quiet area where you can spend a few moments to an entire session opening your mind to abundant thoughts. You can put on some calming music and even try using “abundance” essential oils to aid in your journey.

Bonus Tip: Make daily abundance affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to help yourself truly believe what you feel in your heart and mind simply by allowing it to be expelled into the universe in the way of words.

You can create your own affirmations or you can use affirmations you find in books, online, or in meditation videos.

Here are some great abundance affirmations we enjoy and hope you like them too.

  • I am grateful for all the things I have in my life
  • I live everyday with an abundance mindset
  • I have the right mindset for attracting wealth and abundance into my life
  • Today, I will manifest abundance in my life.
  • The sky’s the limit and I will always look for the silver lining
  • I have more than enough
  • My income has the ability to always increase
  • There is more than enough to go around and I will get my share
  • I am financially free

Try saying these things to yourself, in the car on the way to work, in the shower while you are preparing for the day, or even first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed.

Affirmations are like mantras, say them over and over allowing it to sink in so you will start to believe.

Things to Consider

Living abundantly is not about having a lot of money or having all the stuff you need. It’s about seeing and appreciating what you already have and making the most out of the life you’ve built.

“Abundance is not the absence of scarcity; it is the presence of abundant mentality.” ― Debasish Mridha

Living abundantly should be seen as living your life looking for more in the form of your true core values. Reach for love, joy, happiness, peace, gentleness, goodness, compassion, faith, etc. Not for items found on store shelves.

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