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You’re careful about what you put IN your body, right?  You choose healthy foods, try to eat organic, buy the best quality food you can afford…

So why should you be any less choosy about what you put ON your body?

After all, our skin absorbs what we put on it (how do you think nicotine patches work?)

Sure, do-it-yourself beauty products are great – in theory.  But who has the time to make this stuff?!  – and even more important

Will they be as good as my beloved storebought brands?

Introducing simple, DIY beauty products that actually work

Maybe you’ve been burned by the DIY beauty bug, buying tons of specialty ingredients and then spending far too long (and making a huge mess) to come up with a mediocre product.
Or maybe you’ve never wanted to spend the time to experiment to figure out exactly what works.

The trick is to start by replacing one product at a time – with tested, proven recipes.  Go slowly, and give your body and routine time to adjust.

I like to make the swap when I’m starting to run low on a ‘normal’ beauty product – then rather than throwing out a full bottle, you just replace it when it’s empty.

Curious to give DIY beauty a try?

Here are my top free resources and recipes to clean up your beauty routine for good!


hot cloth cleanserThe customizable facial cleanser that removes makeup and deep cleans (and it’s even travel-friendly!)

Let’s start with a face cleanser, since it’s something we use everyday.  For years I thought I could never put oil on my face – but here’s the secret: castor oil is actually deep cleansing and won’t leave your skin oily.  Just adjust the amount of castor oil to other oils depending on how oily or dry your skin is.  With this Portable Oil Cleansing Balm, you can use the oils straight up, or set it solid for travelling.  Perfect!

luxe facial oilThe luxe facial oil that works better than your fancy store-bought versions!

Oooh, you are just going to love this luxe facial oil!  It is a super simple project to start with (just combine some oils and essential oils in a bottle), and it works brilliantly.  Really, this stuff works so well, you may never buy another moisturizer again.  And even better, you can customize it for your skin concerns or for the seasons.  It’s amazing.

homemade coconut lime deodorantStay sweet-smelling with this DIY deodorant

This is the #1 most popular recipe on the site – people love this stuff (myself included!)  I explain more in the article, but you don’t want to be putting pore-blocking aluminum under your arms everyday.  Use this simple Coconut Lime Deodorant recipe to make your own all natural deodorant that really works.


4188121595_2166729315_zSmooth your body with this mint coconut sugar scrub

Getting ready for a trip to the beach? Or just need to slough away that dull winter skin?  This is the body scrub recipe for you.  Body scrubs are super simple to make (and customize).   And have you seen how much good scrubs cost in the store?!  You’ll never buy another one when you realize you can make your own with better quality ingredients, for less!


honeyA quick facial treatment with this common kitchen cupboard ingredient

This one isn’t even a recipe – it’s just a common kitchen cupboard ingredient that works as a DIY moisturizing face mask, to give you a natural glow!  I’ve heard some people also use this as a simple face cleanser (although it won’t take off oil-based makeup).


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