I had an awful night of insomnia last week.  The worst ever.  Probably due to my giving up caffeine for several weeks, and then succumbing to delicious espresso in Italy last week.  Ok, not just one espresso… four of them.  (But they tasted so good!)  I was up all night staring at the ceiling, willing myself to go to sleep, with no luck.  I was not a pretty sight the next day.

Luckily I rarely have problems sleeping.  But after an informal poll of my friends, I found that getting enough sleep, and getting good quality sleep, is something a lot of women struggle with!

We’d all like to get a good night’s sleep without taking medication and without feeling groggy in the morning.  I think this is possible through simple home remedies and lifestyle changes – but which ones work the best?   I’m launching The Sleep Experiment to find out!

Click here to join the sleep experiment!

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