Handmade beauty: luxe facial oil

Handmade beauty: luxe facial oil

Facial skincare is an expensive habit.  I should know, Sephora gave me a gold card because I used to buy so many beauty products there!

But yet I still got breakouts and had really oily skin.  I was on a non-stop cycle of trying to find the one miracle product that would sort out my skin.

Not surprisingly, I never found it.

I have a personal theory that when there is too much choice in a type of product, it means that none of them work very well.  (Think about it.  If one of them DID actually work, we wouldn’t need the 150 other options.  We would just use what worked.)

You’ve probably read the studies that expensive moisturisers don’t work any better than their drugstore counterparts.  So what are we paying for?  Some “scientific research” which is questionable in my opinion, celebrities to advertise the products, and a nice big marketing, PR & packaging budget!

So should we just buy the cheapest moisturizer possible?

Not necessarily.  I think it’s also important to consider what ingredients are actually inside your moisturizer.

Most moisturizers, from the cheapest to the most posh, are loaded with unpronounceable chemicals.  And since a lot of what goes on your skin is absorbed into your body – this is a bit scary.

But there is a better way!  We can choose moisturizers with high-quality, natural ingredients which are good for our skin.  

And since we’re always on the lookout for a quick, handmade project – we can make our own luxe facial oils which are good for our skin, our mood AND our bank accounts!

Making your own facial oil is super easy – just pour the ingredients into a bottle, shake, and you’re finished!  Of course, for a really luxurious facial oil, you’ll need to buy some specialty ingredients like essential oils or vitamin E capsules.  But what I love about this recipe is that it’s easy and versatile.  So don’t feel like you have to buy all of the ingredients for this first batch.  Start off with one oil and a couple essential oils.  Then next time buy another oil and make a blend.

All of the ingredients are natural and will be really handy in any of your homemade beauty projects!


Luxe Facial Oil

Basic recipe:

50 ml (approx 2 ounces) of carrier oil

15 drops of essential oils (either 15 of one oil, or 5 drops each of 3 different oils … just make it 15 drops total)

1 Vitamin E capsule (optional)


Combine oils in a dark glass bottle.  Pierce the vitamin E capsule (if using) with a needle and then squeeze into the bottle.  Gently shake to combine all of the oils.  You’re done!


What types of oils should I use?

You can choose oils that are good for your skin type.  Some oils are more ‘oily’ than others, and better for dry skin.  As I have oily skin, I stick to lighter oils.  Also, in aromatherapy different essential oils are better for different skin types.  You can’t go wrong with lavender essential oil, but other oils can help with specific skin conditions.  Here are some of my suggestions, but experiment and see what works for you:


Normal skin:

Carrier oil: almond, apricot kernel

Essential oils:  lavender, rose, patchouli


Oily skin:

Carrier oil: grapeseed, jojoba (I use a combination of the two)

Essential oils: lavender, geranium & patchouli, or rosemary, peppermint and lavender


Dry skin:

Carrier oil: olive, avocado,

Essential oils: chamomile, rose, & geranium


I have more questions!

Where can I buy oils, essential oils and dark glass bottles?  You can buy everything online from Mountain Rose Herbs (US) or Aromantic (UK).

How long will my facial oil last? For at least a year, probably 2 years.  But I like to make it in small enough quantities (like this recipe) so that I can use it up and adjust the ingredients next time!

How do I use my new facial oil? Just put a few drops of oil on your hands, rub your hands together gently and massage into your face, concentrating on the drier areas.  I like to do a few minutes of facial massage in the evening when I apply the oil.  Relaxing!


What handmade beauty items are in your beauty routine? What would you like to learn to make? Let us know in the comments!

About the author

Amanda Cook is an author, entrepreneur, and alchemist. She helps successful women create lives of meaning & magic by connecting with the seasons. Her work has appeared on BBC Radio 4, The Sunday Telegraph, Natural Health UK Magazine, and more. Learn more at AmandaCook.me.

Amanda Cook is an author, entrepreneur, and alchemist. She helps successful women create lives of meaning & magic by connecting with the seasons. Her work has appeared on BBC Radio 4, The Sunday Telegraph, Natural Health UK Magazine, and more. Learn more at AmandaCook.me.

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  1. I have only just come across this blog and it is fab! I’ve been trying to find something to calm a breakout/reaction to a product that didn’t agree with my skin and this homemade oil looks wonderful. Just wondering though, what essential oils and carrier oils are good for my temperamental skin? It dislikes normal/combination products, it’s not oily and feels really dry but products for dry skin just clog my pores. I’m worried about trying anything new on it because of the reaction it’s had to whatever was in the moisturiser I used! What would you suggest for temperamental skin prone to hormonal spots and the occasional breakout/reaction? I’m stumped…

  2. I’ve been using the oils for oily skin for months now. It does help but my only problem is when i put it on in the morning, it makes my hair around my face oily. I’ve noticed when I don’t use it twice a day my face gets oily. Is there something I can do about that?

  3. Hi ….I enjoy your site a lot !!! Made quite a few of the recipes and love them . But I wish you would put the amounts used in ounces also …..can you ?

  4. My hair is fine, dry I use different shampoos etc. Even the expensive mone don’t work. When my hair dry, my hair is like a nest. I need help , please Amanda any suggestion.
    Thank you.

    1. have you tried doing a pre-wash conditioning of coconut oil? its great for hair, and if you are using shampoo it will wash out pretty easily.

  5. I made some o this about three weeks ago and I really love it. I already make my own OCM oil, so adding this to my regimen has been wonderful for my skin. The only problem is that my husband HATES the scent of patchouli. Knowing this, I only added two drops, but he can still totally smell it when I go to bed. Any suggestions for my next batch? Is there a good substitute or should I leave it out all together? I had been hoping that he would just get used to it, but he refuses. What a little bugger!

  6. hi. i’ve been using oil moisturizer for a few months well. i love it… i have adult acne and i think combination skin…… i have thrown all my products out 🙂 i am having an issue with a daytime moisturizer though….. i live in the caribbean and with the heat and humidity here ……any amount of oil makes me look like a walking light bulb. i dont want to leave my skin bare during the day…….. any suggestions about what i could use?

    1. I love raw coconut oil for a daily moisturizer. The tricks are to apply to wet skin and let it air dry, a little goes a long way. It’s one of those beautiful magic oils, great for everything but is still super light. It’s antimicrobial and great for protecting your face and hair from both sun and surf. Hope this helps you

  7. I have oily skin for the most part and have been using different oils for a long time, but I wanted to suggest tea tree oil for problem skin as well. Tea Tree is a staple in my house due to all of its uses!!!

      1. I suffer from sore throats quite frequently and I found a couple of drops of tea tree oil in about 30ml of warm water and gargle and spit do not swallow. Sore throat gone after two gargles.

  8. What if like myself I have very dry skin one moment, then the next looks a little greasy in parts, I would of said it’s combination skin but I don’t think it has been the same since finding out I have thyroid problems and of course my age 59yrs.. Which oils would you advise please..
    Many thanks

    1. @Monica: I love hearing what natural products work for people – thanks!

      @Victoria: great advice. I haven’t played with argan oil yet but will order some!

      @Gibson Girl: right on!

  9. Regarding sunscreen: Take vitamine D3 regularly, eat carrots (best as fresh pressed juice) daily. You will need less sunscreen as your skin gets better prepared to withstand direct sun, a hat is a must if you are sensitive. Otherwise try zinc based sun screens, which are a natural.
    Great ideas! I love facial oils. I use a variety, but love argan oil. It has helped control my rosacea.
    I am a 70% raw eater, no wheat, no dairy, it has changed my life and skin!

  10. That theory about variety meaning none of them work applies to other things — for example, if any of the many hiccup remedies worked there wouldn’t be so many.

  11. I just discovered your site and I love it! Do you have suggestions for a natural facial sunscreen?

  12. Amanda can you make a gel facial moisturizer? I love the way gel feels. You asked what would we like and that is all I could come up with. Your site and e-mail up dates are super keep up the good work. Merry Christmas

    1. Hi Jenna, thanks for the suggestion! I’ve never tried making a gel facial moisturizer, but I’m always up for an experiment – I’ll give it a try. I used to use them all the time when I lived in Washington DC, but now that I’m in London it’s so cold all the time I prefer oils!

      Enjoy the holidays & thanks for the comment!

  13. since I’ve learned ho easy it is to make my own herbal oils, I’ve stopped buying products. Right now I’m using a blend of almond/olive/grapeseed oil with calendula and comfrey. I have very dry skin. I also made a blend with some beeswax to make more of a balm.

    1. Hi Diana, great idea to add beeswax to make a balm! I did that earlier with my solid oil cleanser. It makes oils so much easier to travel with!

  14. Hi Grace, thanks!! 🙂 If you give it a try let me know how it works for you. I love this stuff, I use it daily!

  15. Man, nearly every one of your posts in pinned in my Pinterest. This is another great one. So simple! Thanks for sharing all the specifics for different skin types.

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