Nature provides us with all of the necessities to survive each day in this world. So much so that, as the seasons change, so should we. Yet so many people have disconnected, disrespected, and distanced themselves to live secluded in a technology-driven world.

If you want to become one with nature, the good news is that it isn’t as hard as it seems, and it could be as simple as taking a step outside. 

Why Become One With Nature?

There are many reasons to become one with nature in your life. 

For starters, nature can help calm an active mind. We’re always on the go, which means that we have very little time to stop and reflect. When we spend time in nature, we face fewer distractions, which allows our minds to relax. 

What’s more, nature provides physical benefits as well. A simple walk can relieve tension and stress from your body and provide an abundance of health benefits, helping you develop a deeper grasp of how nature is inherently a part of us.

Once you have accepted nature into your mind, body, and soul, you can begin to live a fulfilling and powerful life.

How to Become One With Nature

To become one with nature, you have to allow yourself to become one with your environment. You must let go of your stress and open your mind, heart, and soul to let nature in.

Live in the Present Moment

Allowing yourself to live in the present moment makes it easier to let go of the past, which gives you better insight into the future. You can’t become one with nature until you can become one with yourself and who you are in the present.

You can breathe new life into your body with every breath as well as forgive and learn from past mistakes. We can also avoid the anxiety and stress that often comes with planning our future if we simply live for today.

Let Go of Your Fears

Finding the courage to let go of your fears will help you remove all roadblocks standing in the way of your future. 

Learning to face your fears head-on and simply move past them will open your mind, body, and soul to nature. Allow the universe to help guide you to your true path without constant worry or holding back.


Keeping the lines of communication open with nature is crucial for you to be a part of it. Open yourself up and listen to what your environment has to say, from the trees rustling in the wind to the water flowing through the stream.

Communicating with nature isn’t going to come easy at first, especially since we aren’t necessarily used to it in our society today. It’s a lengthy process and will take a few times before you start to recognize when nature is talking back. However, it is an easy process to start. 

Sit in a quiet, open space outdoors, free of distractions and devices. Introduce yourself to the area around you — make yourself vulnerable. It may seem a little awkward at first, but it’ll eventually feel as though you are in the presence of an old friend.

Then, stay quiet and intuitive. Wait for a response in flowing water, weather changes, or the small wild animals around you. If you listen hard enough, you will hear what nature has to say.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein.

Ten Ways to Become One With Nature

There are many different ways you can become one with nature, and there are many actions you can take to bond with the earth and everything that comes with it. Here are 10 of our favorite ways to take time and reconnect with our natural soul mate.

1. Soak up the Sun

Believe it or not, just laying on a beach towel in your backyard or sitting in a lawn chair watching your children play sports can be a great way to connect with nature

The vitamin D we receive from the sun while partaking in these activities is essential for our bodies, supporting the intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphates and aiding in bone growth, strength, and more.

The sun is always good for the mind and uplifts your mood. Feeling the sun rays gently touch your skin and flow into your body, helping it grow and strengthen, is just one way nature is always nourishing you as it becomes part of you.

2. Take a Walk Barefoot in the Grass

The next time you are out for a walk, toss those shoes to the side and let your feet connect with the grass and earth. 

Take a stroll at a park or walk around the front yard, allowing your feet and legs to feel the fresh grass against your skin and deeply inhale the fresh air, filling your lungs with all the pure oxygen mother nature provides.

3. Dip Your Toes in the Water

Oddly enough, there are several simple ways to become one with nature through our feet!

Whether you are walking along a beach, riverbank, or sitting on a dock, dip your feet in the water and allow them to be swallowed up by the cold liquid. Feel the water moving around your skin, cleaning away the dirt and sweat while leaving you feeling refreshed.

4. Meditate

Meditation is many peoples’ go-to way to become one with nature, and it’s easy to see why. Meditation requires you to look within while connecting to where you are in the present, so meditating in nature is a great way to practice this.

Find a nice quiet location outdoors, sit in the grass, and begin a meditation session. It doesn’t matter if you have 20 minutes or only two. Spending a few moments clearing your mind and allowing your feelings and emotions to take over is beneficial to your health and will help you feel connected to the earth around you.

5. Start a Garden

Can you come up with a better way to become one with nature than by taking time to grow natural fruits and vegetables in a garden of your own? This way you’re contributing to nature and helping the earth around you. There’s even research to suggest that gardening has a positive effect on mental health

Care for your garden like it’s someone special to you. Dig in the soil, nourish the crops, and watch nature do its magic, providing you with food, vitamins, and nourishment.

6. Watch the Sun Rise and Set

You can quickly develop a bond with the natural world after watching a beautiful sunrise or an enchanting sunset. 

Go somewhere with a great view so you can see Mother Earth as she comes alive and nature begins to wake. Then as the day draws to an end, watch as the sun starts to sink over the horizon and nature begins to rest, powering up for the upcoming day.

7. Open Your Windows

Becoming one with nature doesn’t have to be a difficult task, and you can do it indoors. 

You can do this simply by opening your windows and inviting nature in. Allow the breeze to enter your space. The fresh, clean air will penetrate your home, bringing clean, pure energy into everything you touch daily.

8. Ground Yourself

The grounding technique theory suggests that the natural electrical charges from the earth will transfer to the body, distributing healing properties when you place your feet into the soil.

Grounding is a great method to become one with nature and a natural healing option for physical and mental health. Some medical facilities even use it due to its ability to help with things such as inflammation, chronic pain, mood, cardiovascular disease, and muscle damage.

9. Change the Way You Think About Nature

To become one with nature, you have to change your mindset. 

Instead of thinking of nature as an outside setting, think of nature as an all being. Nature isn’t just something you see when you look outside your window; it’s also the air you breathe, binding you to the trees and plants eternally. The water flowing through streams is as essential as the blood running through your veins.

10. Go Stargazing

Many of our ancestors used the stars for guidance and as a source of power. Stars have been utilized for centuries to tell a story, explain the beginning of time, and connect our world to a superior consciousness. 

When looking up to the stars at night, you will feel the connection between you and the universe if you focus and allow yourself to open up.

Conclusion: Enjoying the Freedom of Nature

Becoming one with nature doesn’t require long journeys through sandy deserts or taking weeks away to live alone in a forest. Becoming one with nature is a personal process and can be as small as sunbathing in your backyard or walking a remote trail and allowing nature in.

The activities above play an important role in living a slower life and becoming free — free from stress, work, chores, responsibilities, etc.

While you are in nature, you can let your guard down, set your devices aside, and just enjoy your time with the earth. Taking a quiet walk or sleeping under the stars will give you a feeling of freedom you have never experienced before.

Just taking a small part of your day to become one with nature will be extremely beneficial for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

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