handmade manifesto minibook

Here’s how to fold your 8 page Handmade Manifesto minibook from one sheet of paper.

The key to making the minibook look good is to be very precise in your folding.  Match up the edges exactly and fold with a sharp crease.  Don’t worry if you mess up, you can always print another copy!

Match your paper exactly to my pictures every time, this is especially important in the cutting step!

1.  Fold in half with the long side as the crease.

2.  Unfold.  The fold in half again with the short side as the crease.

3. Fold once more with the short side as the crease.

4. Unfold once.  Turn the book so the crease is towards you.  Match your paper to the picture below.  Using scissors, cut through both layers of paper, starting at the crease, and cutting only up to the halfway fold.

5.  Unfold.  Refold with the long side as crease.  This makes an ‘open diamond’ shape in the center with a tab on each side.

6. Push the tabs together to close the diamond and form 4 separate pages.

7.  Now just push the pages together, making sure the “Handmade Manifesto minibook” page is the cover.

8.  You’re finished!!! Feel free to decorate your minibook (or at least cover it with doodles… why not? You can always make another one!)