8:30pm, I’m on the couch, googling on my phone:
Decluttering psychology. Decluttering mindset. Thoughtful articles about decluttering. Why is it so hard to declutter?
Hundreds of articles appear.
  • 5 tips to declutter your bathroom!
  • The secret method to eliminate clutter once and for all!
  • 10 easy ways to be a minimalist without changing your life!
Ugh. So NOT what I’m looking for.
Since returning to London (after our crazy Hong Kong to London by Train adventure earlier this year), I’ve had recurring urges to intensely declutter.
Living with so little in Hong Kong and during our 10-week trip has made me feel a bit claustrophobic in our flat.
But here’s where I’m stuck… I know HOW to declutter. I’ve read Marie Kondo’s book twice. I’m doing Project 333, where I wear 33 pieces of clothing for 3 months. (I’m into month 3 now and it’s much easier than I imagined!)
I don’t need more HOW, now, I want to go deeper.
I want to read intelligent, thoughtful, soulful articles about other women who are having a similar experience:
  • What came up for you while you were decluttering? 
  • What did you find the hardest? 
  • What have you learned about yourself through the process? 
  • And especially… How do you transition from the light, easy, warm-climate life you loved in Hong Kong filled with exotic travel, dim sum, and lots of quality time with your husband, to a jam-packed flat in gray, cold London where he commutes 2 hours per day, without feeling like you’ve totally gone backwards in life? 
Now THAT is an article I want to read!
This same feeling keeps popping up for me in different areas. Travel, career, ancestors, family … I want more depth. More thought. More wisdom.
Unfortunately, the Internet loves to give us 5 Easy Tips because they’re so search-friendly! (Google loves a good list!)
As a writer and content creator, I too have been guilty of creating quick blog posts with lists and how to’s. And they do serve a purpose and are helpful. At a high level.
But sometimes, we need to go deeper.
And sometimes, you need to create the content that you want to read.
After the third night of fruitlessly searching for thoughtful decluttering articles, that’s what occurred to me:
If I can’t find it, I need to write it. I need to start that conversation. I need to fill the gap.
So I turn to you now and say — what is it that you’d love to read or experience?
How could you create it in a small way, this week?
Start the conversation. If not you, who? It’s time.

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