Amanda has such a contagious way about her that it’s very easy to follow her recommendations and make really important lifestyle changes. Her vast knowledge, coupled with her immense passion and drive for health and natural beauty make her a force to be reckoned with. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who values their well-being and wants to make a significant transformation in their lives.

-Ania, Leicestershire, UK


I love the simple, straightforward tips and ideas that Amanda provides. The recipes are fun, easy and inexpensive and most importantly they’re totally natural! It’s a great way to incorporate the ideals of natural living into my routines.  Keep up the good work,

– Rachel White, Germany


When I was little I would read Little House on the Prairie books and think it would be great to bake my own bread, sew my own blankets, and concoct my own medicines. I love VSF because Amanda unearths lost and forgotten skills I thought were buried with the pioneers.

-Brittany S, Dobbs Ferry


Much like Amanda (the voice behind VSF), moving to Europe and learning about different approaches to staying healthy (and beautiful!) based on both age-old traditions and different cultural influences led to an enduring curiosity about alternative ways to lead a healthier, more natural way of life. VSF, with its easy-to-digest advice, whimsical images and user-friendly format, is both a fun and informative place to visit when I need both inspiration and instruction in making my own beauty products and getting experimental in the kitchen!

-Kate L, London


I just have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your website and facebook page. I spent tonight making your stress cream recipe and can not believe how good my skin feels right now. I have horrible dry skin on my hands which usually leave them looking like old lady hands instead of the hands of a 40something but not tonight!! thank you than you thank you!!!! I look forward to seeing what new creations you come up with.

-Jenn M, Long Island, NY


My favourite part of your site / blog has got to be the recipes. I have visited lots of sites and read lots of books on the subject and your recipes really rank right up there. The cleansing balm is my favourite.  I enjoy reading everything you write regardless of whether or not I find it personally relevant.

I find your site and ideas inspiring and aspirational, but also accessible and achievable. I particularly like receiving the emails from you, because with everything else going on in my life I can overlook regularly checking your site, but by receiving the emails, it not only reminds me, but spoon-feeds me choice morsels.

I am a fan!

– Luisa C, UK


I made my second batch of your deodorant recipe the other day, and made some for my mum and step-mum, and they are both raving about it! My step mum is telling everyone she knows about it, and now the people where I stay in Germany heard I made my own deo, and have asked for the recipe as well! I must have shared the link to the recipe on your website with like 30 people by now…..because the deodorant actually totally WORKS! So, I wanted to say thank you for posting it!

– Prana A, Germany


I tried your hot cloth cleanser and I love it, I love your blog and I love you! Keep doing what you’re doing, its great!!!

– Sandy


I want to tell you how much I’m enjoying your collection of recipes and articles! I love your vintage (common-sense, time-tested, wholistic) approach. Your personality and passion for wellness really shines through your writing.

– Sarah


Just want to say thank you – it’s awesome to hear someone remind us that we don’t have to/can’t possibly be energetic all the time. Terrible to say, but i assumed after reading the title of the post that you were going to tell us about a brand new product or ingredient…! silly me – you’re much better than that! thank you

– Caitlyn


Doing the session with you has helped me to organize my thoughts on where I am with my overall health accomplishments / challenges and set 3 clear goals to head towards. Also over the weekend I had some great conversations with my husband surrounding the topic, so I’d say that is a win!

-Lindsey H, Guatemala


After watching your workshop, I decided to drink more water (it was a revelation to me that this could actually be the reason for low energy!!!) and eat more greens, make home made cornichons and drink fresh mint tea without the tea (I always added some black tea, but I’ve stopped doing that and it tastes so much better). And I decided to keep track of my sleep; sometimes I have long nights, some are very short; I’m trying to be more regular.

Thank you, you have an impact on many lives !!

-Nat, France



Amanda, I just want to let you know how helpful you were to me. For many years I have suffered from an allergic reaction to deodorants and antiperspirants, I could only use one of the men’s deodorant bars. I always felt uncomfortable and didn’t like to get too close to people.  A few weeks ago I googled for an alternative and you natural coconut deodorant recipe came up. I tried it and it has changed my life.  I truly would like to thank you for this. -Sandra