We’re in the depths of winter.  And it’s cold.

(Not nearly as cold here in London as it is in the States this year!  But still.  I feel the cold!)

Who doesn’t like a cup of tea to warm them up on a cold morning?  And with a little insight into traditional herbal remedies, you can choose a tea that tastes nice AND warms you from the inside!

It’s no secret that I love herbal teas.  (Check out my Ultimate Herbal Tea Guide if you want to learn more)  In general, herbal teas taste nice, they’re caffeine-free, they’re hydrating AND they have specific health and beauty benefits depending on the herbs used.  That’s why I love drinking them.  I choose my tea based on how I want to feel and what’s going on in my life.  And in addition to a relaxing cuppa, I get some added herbal goodness!

This week I’ll share a few of my favorite warming herbal teas for winter.


Ginger is warming and stimulating, and is especially good for the digestion and settling nausea.  I love using fresh ginger in tea, but these are my favorite ginger tea bags .  I always take some in my travel-kit!   You might try making Hot Honey, Lemon and Ginger.


Rosemary is a little-known but refreshing drinking tea that clears the mind and warms the body.  Rosemary for Rememberance goes the old English saying – and it has been used traditionally to sharpen the mind.  You can make your own rosemary tea with fresh or dried rosemary.  (Note: Don’t drink Rosemary tea while pregnant.)


Most culinary spices are warming.  Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Pepper … all of the spices used in chai drinks.  So spiced Chai is a perfect winter drink.  If you’re reducing caffeine, you might try one of my favorite chai blends with rooibos instead of black tea.  (Avoid high doses of spices in pregnancy, culinary amounts are fine.)


Not for the faint-hearted, but chili combines really well with chai or chocolate.  I just finished a box of Chocolate-Chili tea made with chili and cacao nibs (it was from a boutique so I don’t have a link for you).  Add a splash of coconut milk and it’s pure indulgence.

Something stronger.

Sometimes you need a little something stronger to warm you to the bones.

You might try my elderberry cordial turned into a hot toddy or spicy mulled wine or cider, or even add a shot of whisky/brandy to a mug of hot honey and lemon.


What’s your favorite winter tea or tipple to keep you warm?

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