I am a beauty product junkie. I admit it.

I’ve got gold card at Sephora.

But through my research into natural beauty, I’ve discovered that lots of the products we buy are filled with chemicals!   And what we put ON our bodies, goes INTO our bodies.  (Yep, it’s absorbed into your skin … how do you think nicotine patches work?)

So when I stumbled across this common kitchen ingredient that can improve your skin, I couldn’t believe it.  Then I tried it, and I was hooked.  Smooth, soft, moisturised skin, fewer spots/breakouts, and really inexpensive!  What is this wonder ingredient?


Is honey good for your face?

Yes!  Honey is naturally antibacterial, soothing and healing to the skin.  Honey has been used for hundreds (probably thousands) of years as a skin healer and beauty product.

Of course, you can be allergic to anything – so if you’re allergic to honey, this is not the beauty tip for you!  But for everyone else, yes, honey IS good for your face (and all of your skin).  Give it a try!

Why is honey effective?

Honey is traditionally known as a natural antibacterial.  It is used (even in some allopathic medicine) as a skin healer (for example, helping to heal ulcers).   Because of this skin healing action, it may be helpful for people with acne.

Honey is also softening and moisturizing.  And honey smells and tastes delicious!

How can I use honey on my skin?

You can use honey as a facial cleanser or as a face mask.  I suggest using pure, organic honey.

Also, if you have very sensitive skin, you should try a test first on your inner arm, or +a small part of your jawline, before attempting your entire face!

How to wash your face with honey (use honey as a face cleanser)

To use honey to cleanse your face, first, tie back your hair.  (Getting honey in your hair is sticky and unpleasant!).

I prefer to spread some honey on my dry face, as it spreads easier.

Put a spoonful of honey on your fingers, and spread over your entire face.   I put some on my lips as well, for mild exfoliation and moisturizing (or make this homemade lip scrub).

Let the honey sit on your face for 2 minutes.

Either rinse off with warm water, or use a washcloth in warm water to slightly exfoliate.  If you wear makeup, you may want to remove your makeup first, as the honey doesn’t remove makeup.

As an alternative natural face cleanser, you might try making this hot cloth cleanser.

How to use honey as a face mask

Tie back hair.  Apply to dry, cleansed skin.  Apply layer of honey all over face.  Let sit 10 minutes.  Rinse off with warm water or a warm washcloth.  (If you want to make a mini-spa experience out of it, try an herbal face steam first, then a honey mask.)

What if the honey goes solid/grainy?

Grainy honey is an extra-powerful exfoliator!  Use it as a facial scrub, or soften your honey like this.

Want more natural beauty tips?

Check out my DIY Beauty 101 for simple homemade natural beauty tips.

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