The kitchen secret for great skin, put honey on your face!

The kitchen secret for great skin, put honey on your face!

I am a beauty product junkie. I admit it.

I’ve got gold card at Sephora.

But through my research into natural beauty, I’ve discovered that lots of the products we buy are filled with chemicals!   And what we put ON our bodies, goes INTO our bodies.  (Yep, it’s absorbed into your skin … how do you think nicotine patches work?)

So when I stumbled across this common kitchen ingredient that can improve your skin, I couldn’t believe it.  Then I tried it, and I was hooked.  Smooth, soft, moisturised skin, fewer spots/breakouts, and really inexpensive!  What is this wonder ingredient?


Is honey good for your face?

Yes!  Honey is naturally antibacterial, soothing and healing to the skin.  Honey has been used for hundreds (probably thousands) of years as a skin healer and beauty product.

Of course, you can be allergic to anything – so if you’re allergic to honey, this is not the beauty tip for you!  But for everyone else, yes, honey IS good for your face (and all of your skin).  Give it a try!

Why is honey effective?

Honey is traditionally known as a natural antibacterial.  It is used (even in some allopathic medicine) as a skin healer (for example, helping to heal ulcers).   Because of this skin healing action, it may be helpful for people with acne.

Honey is also softening and moisturizing.  And honey smells and tastes delicious!

How can I use honey on my skin?

You can use honey as a facial cleanser or as a face mask.  I suggest using pure, organic honey.

Also, if you have very sensitive skin, you should try a test first on your inner arm, or +a small part of your jawline, before attempting your entire face!

How to wash your face with honey (use honey as a face cleanser)

To use honey to cleanse your face, first, tie back your hair.  (Getting honey in your hair is sticky and unpleasant!).

I prefer to spread some honey on my dry face, as it spreads easier.

Put a spoonful of honey on your fingers, and spread over your entire face.   I put some on my lips as well, for mild exfoliation and moisturizing (or make this homemade lip scrub).

Let the honey sit on your face for 2 minutes.

Either rinse off with warm water, or use a washcloth in warm water to slightly exfoliate.  If you wear makeup, you may want to remove your makeup first, as the honey doesn’t remove makeup.

As an alternative natural face cleanser, you might try making this hot cloth cleanser.

How to use honey as a face mask

Tie back hair.  Apply to dry, cleansed skin.  Apply layer of honey all over face.  Let sit 10 minutes.  Rinse off with warm water or a warm washcloth.  (If you want to make a mini-spa experience out of it, try an herbal face steam first, then a honey mask.)

What if the honey goes solid/grainy?

Grainy honey is an extra-powerful exfoliator!  Use it as a facial scrub, or soften your honey like this.

Want more natural beauty tips?

Check out my DIY Beauty 101 for simple homemade natural beauty tips.

About the author

Amanda Cook is an author, entrepreneur, and alchemist. She helps successful women create lives of meaning & magic by connecting with the seasons. Her work has appeared on BBC Radio 4, The Sunday Telegraph, Natural Health UK Magazine, and more. Learn more at

Amanda Cook is an author, entrepreneur, and alchemist. She helps successful women create lives of meaning & magic by connecting with the seasons. Her work has appeared on BBC Radio 4, The Sunday Telegraph, Natural Health UK Magazine, and more. Learn more at

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  1. This is a great suggestion. I’ve combined a bit of organic honey with the oats for a mask and wash, and with coffee (not too much to make a mess), and it does make my skin feel more natural and refreshed. Honey is a natural wonder!

  2. Hello i have a combination skin and always have pimples in my period the area around my nose fore head and chin is oily how often should i use honey
    is it ok if i use it every day?

  3. Hi Amanda – am loving your recipes and am now a total home=blended face oil convert! Have also switched over to your home made cleansing balm. However I am searching for a facial wash recipe. I don’t have oily skin so I am not looking for an astringent one. I just like the ease and simplicity of a quick foaming face washing or gel in the shower for my face in the morning. Any suggestions?

  4. Never thought about honey…My wife is really big on home creations/treatments etc, so this will be a page I’ll point her to. What’s good to grab from this page actually is all the comments from other people who have tried other treatments to try etc.

  5. Thank you for this post, Amanda! I love using honey as a face wash, but had never thought of using it as a mask until reading it here. The glow the honey gives is so nice – and the smell on m skin is gorgeous! I like it so much that I’ve linked back here in my recent post about natural DIY beauty – – I hope that’s ok. I also link to a moisturizer recipe you have (cos you’ve got some of the nest natural DIY beauty online!). You’re awesome, thank you!

  6. My honey is labelled 100% pure. Not Raw. I’ve been mixing it with cinnamon & nutmeg. I understand now that Raw honey is most effective, but will this mixture still have any effects on my skin? (I just started)

  7. hi
    i have gone through this site..its very question is can i apply Dabur honey (on label it is noted as purity guaranteed, ingredient: 100% honey) daily to my face (twice a day)to improve my skin complexion?please help me..i want to improve my skin complexion….
    Thanx in advance

  8. hello.. can i use Organic honey instead of raw organic honey ???? i have mine and its written only organic honey

  9. I put the honey mask on, wait for the time to take it off, and finally washed it off. I was really surprised how the redness of my pimples are controlled and my face felt supple and soft. But after a while, my face started to itch. I had the urge to start itching my face, but I simply told myself not to. It started to annoy my face until I went to sleep. So in the morning, going downstairs, my mother noticed something and told me to look in the mirror. To my surprise, I had somewhat bumps ( they look like blind pimples ) all scattered on my cheeks. I freaked out a bit, and my mother asked if I was going onto my period stage and I told her yes. It seemed strange for me because I have done this once before when my mother introduced me about it and it didn’t leave this itchy sensation. I think it was my face being sensitize or not quite fond of it. ( I should’ve tried a test reaction before I did it so it kinda sucks a lot. ) I don’t think it had to do with my period stage coming, simply just my face being a sensitive subject. I’m 14, and I would like to know if it goes away? Will the pimple-looking bumps fade away? For how long will I need to wait? Suggestions to help calm it down or should I just wash my face to my daily routine? Thank very much! I just needed to share my experience about it.

    1. Hi Celine, I’m sorry to hear that! Anyone can have an allergy to anything – maybe you are sensitive to honey? Or maybe you need to apply a moisturizer (like coconut oil or almond oil etc) after washing your face? If you have a reaction to honey, then you shouldn’t use it anymore – listen to your skin!

  10. I have a bottle labeled all natural us grade clover honey. It does not say organic. It says 100% pure and has only honey as the only ingredient. It is safe to use??

  11. Honey is really very good for the skin.I had so much pimples on my face last year but since I started using honey,no more pimples and its going to a year now

  12. I’m 3 months pregnant I broke out so bad tried everything just made it worse! I found this I’m trying it hope it works!

  13. Tanning: Honey also comes in handy when you want to get rid of tanning due to sun exposure. Mix equal quantities of honey, milk powder, lemon juice and almond oil and apply it on your face, hands, etc. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it off.

    Burn scars: If you have a burn scar, apply some raw honey on it as it has healing and antiseptic properties and if you apply it over the burn regularly, it will produce less scarring than usual.

    Pimples: Acne-prone skin is quite troublesome and those pesky pimples can be difficult to get rid of. Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder and dab it on the pimple. Let it stay overnight and wash it with lukewarm water in the morning.

  14. I make a facial scrub with brown sugar, honey and lemon. I do not measure anything out, I just spoon some brown sugar into a bowl, then I add honey, and a squeeze from a lemon wedge. I use it in the shower, and it is wonderful on my lips. Super easy and fast, and not sticky.

  15. I have been using the oil cleansing method and I love it! I use it at night because it takes off any make up (I don’t wear it all the time, but if I do, the oil removes it well.) I would love to try the honey but I am just wondering when I should do so. It would seem kind of pointless, or too much, to do the oil cleansing and then do a honey cleanse right after. I don’t normally wash my face in the morning because I find it too much to do it twice a day. Maybe I should start????? Thoughts and tips???

    1. I think the Oil Cleansing method is the way to go at night because it removes makeup (like you said). Why not try a honey face mask once a week (or a couple times a week) as a treat?

  16. Some say that honey makes Normal hair to Grey hair. Is that true? By mistake, What if my hair turns grey while applying honey on my face.?

  17. Hello everyone. I have a question about honey. Can I use honey with Pro Active toner and moisturizer? Also I heard mixing honey and cinnamon treats a lot of different things as well as acne too.

  18. I tried the honey mask last night. I think I left it too thick, ’cause it would drip . . . I’ll do again tonite, but try to not have as thick.

  19. today I started honey in my face 10 min my face feels better omg thank you u save my face I let u know 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. WOW! This article is so cool and OH SO TRUE!!! Something as simple as honey cleans the face SO WELL! I just tried it and not only does my face feel clean and extra soft, but ITS GLOWING. Thank you so much for writing.

  21. I use organic honey on my face every day and night. After the first time I used it, I saw results IMMEDIATELY. Now I use it daily. It has done wonders for my skin. My skin hasn’t been this amazing in years. I also mix sea salt with the honey as well, works perfect. I’m going to use these products every day for the rest of my LIFE!

  22. Have got honey on my face right now! This is my first time. I hope it works! Have tried lotta tubes. Just want honey to be my fullstop.

  23. i heard from my friends that if male apply honey on face, their hair color may turn to white is that right ?

  24. how to know which one is pure organic honey? do tell me the name of the brand that we can get in the market.

    also how often should i apply it ? and at mrng times or before sleeping ?

  25. I mix raw honey and baking soda into a paste, and spread on my skin. I leave it on for about 15 minutes, before washing it off with warm water and a washcloth. I am then beautifully exfoliated. 🙂 After that, I break open an omega 3-6-9 capsule and spread about 1/3 of the oil onto my face and neck. My skin completely drinks the oil in about 45 minutes. No break outs. I am 42 and have been told by several people that I look to be 28-29.

  26. i used honey twice a day with a bit of water then let it stand for a 2 or 3 hrs while i am doing some of my chores, then when i am done doing my work at home its time to relax and wash my face with cold water or with ice you can feel the smooth and healthy skin my bumps getting all away and my pimples i am so thankful 🙂 do it more you can see the great result of yours too :).

  27. I was told rubbing honey on skin can cause diabetics or add excess sugar in the blood,how true is this please .I have been rubbing honey on my skin for a while ,i must confess honey is the best treatment for my dry skin.

  28. I had an accident 3 yrs back due i have a dark big dark brown spot in my skin in leg near ankle. how can i reduce the darkness of skin?

  29. hi… amenda i hv blemishes or dark spots on my face i tried evrythn nw il try honey… bt m engagement is aftr two monthz will they go??? kindly help

  30. I mix honey and sugar together! 🙂 I find the sugar just gives it a bit of an exfoliation as a had a couple of blackheads and dry skin. maybe when my skin is pimple free I could just use honey and perhaps do a honey and sugar mix once a week

  31. I have been using honey as a face wash for a month. It has done nothing but wonderful to my face. i use to have reddish skin face, and now it is clear, glowing super healthy. i will never use any other face products again. i have also started doing honey, oatmeal and baking soda as a mask.

    Make enough to cover your face. I always grind up a batch of oatmeal, and leave it in a container with some baking soda in it. The rest of the ingredient I put in a separate container, to make enough to put on my face.

    Grind up the oat meal
    Add some baking soda
    A bit of water

    Mix ingredient until it is like a paste.
    Put on your face like a mask and leave in for about 10 minutes. Rinse off with water and than you will notice your skin super soft, healthy and most of all you will start feel good :).

  32. Sounds Good Nice Review…. :). I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me

  33. Hi, i dropped into this post while searching about face mask. i had been using honey for the past few years. As Ms. Amanda has certified, its a very good natural cleanser. i use it thrice a week in the evening and leave it not more than 10 mins,and i won’t apply this around my eye lids. the usage behavior is adopted from my mom 🙂

  34. It’s good but every time it only removes like 2 pimples and I have trillions of them! It’s gonna take a long time…..:(

    1. My daughter too had many blemishes. She used the oil cleansing method (olive oil and castor oil mixture) and honey masks to clear her skin. Keep in mind that a washcloth, as well as towels, are breeding grounds for bacteria. Try using the face cloth by Aveda. It dries completely (becomes stiff) and bacteria cannot survive. Let your face air dry after using the Aveda cloth to avoid towels. I use this on my mature skin as well and have noted improvement with fine lines and texture

  35. Use equal parts organic raw (important that it is raw) honey and lemon juice (preferably fresh) and mix till honey is dissolved. 1 tsp to 1tsp is preferred. Apply to face in circular motion and leave sit for at least 10 min. Rinse almost all the way off (leave a thin layer if before bed) and moisturize with natural product (Andalou Naturals is what I use) and go catch some zzzz’s. I wash my face with this every night and my skin is so much better because of it.

    1. I know you said raw honey is important, but I can’t seem to find any. I bought just “organic” honey instead, will I still get the same benefits even though its not “raw”?

    2. thanks for the advice i tried the honey and lemon together for a week and i dont have any blackheads,scars,or pimples!

  36. I am going to try this today! now you have me curious! I recently became more conscious about all the junk that is my store bought products – even things that are advertised as being “green” or “natural” are not! scary.

      1. Iv just used honey on my face for the first time , & I’m already overwhelmed by the softness of my skin! Do you have any more home remedies for a toner, serum and moisturiser please? All products I buy even for sensitive skin irritate my skin. X

      2. HI Ashleigh, so glad it’s working for you! Yes, I have loads of recipes on my site … just do a search for toner or cream or look in the ‘DIY Beauty 101’ in the sidebar… have fun!

  37. Wow I Love all the comments I am going to buy that honey tonight will let you all no what I think

  38. hallo today is my day two of using honey and so positive its gonna work out for me. I have a very bad skin break out and it makes me wanna scream each time i look at my self in the mirror.

  39. I’ve been washing my face with honey for several weeks now and it’s the only thing I’ve tried that leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturized without over drying and doesn’t make me break out. To turn this into a make-up remover, I put a dollop of honey on a wet washcloth and sprinkle some baking soda over top, gently rub all over my face and rinse. It’s wonderful!

  40. I have been cleansing my face for about a month now with honey and my skin has never been healthier or smoother and I have had chronically sensitive and problematic skin all my life. I use organic raw honey which has a really nice texture. It is slightly grainy and not as much like glue as the processed kind. I wet my face first and then spread a dollop of honey all over, massage in then rinse well. I then wipe diluted ACV all over as a toner, then a homemade vitin c serum then one or two drops of a facial oil blend if my skin feels dry which it usually doesn’t. Very easy, effective and inexpensive. And natural! Thanks for the honey idea!

    1. Excellent! Have you seen my apple cider vinegar skin toner? That sounds very close to what you’re doing.

  41. what do you reccomend for me to use as a face cream after l cleanse with honey?

  42. Tried this and I have a burn below my lip and I heard it was also suppose soothe burns and I dis it and idk if it is going to work I also put aloe vera on my face works amazingly!

  43. I tried honey cleanser for four days now and I gotta say I just love it! It smoothens my skin and doesnt break me out! In fact, it healed my pimples 🙂

  44. About to try the honey mask! Eeep. BUT I heard that you should microwave the honey for a few seconds before applying it to your face, that way it’s not as sticky and it will be easier to put on. Yay okay

    1. I wouldn’t microwave it probably… Overheating honey will kill the natural enzymes in the honey and you’ll lose all the benefits. This is why pasteurized honey really isn’t that good for you (and it’s also the kind you find in most supermarkets– don’t buy the bear!) If you want all the natural benefits of honey you need to buy honey that’s labeled “raw”– this means it hasn’t been pasteurized or anything. My favorite honey is from Ambrosia Honey Co., it’s %100 pure, raw honey and I think it tastes a lot better too!

      1. Ohhhh okay thanks for the info. I already had the bear kind of honey in the cabinet.. So I used that. It still made my skin very very soft and clean feeling!

  45. I have tried honey face mask and it is quiet simple & very effective. My Mother has been using this from years she is simply pretty and awesome skin. My Mother looks like my sister but i have small acne in my skin. My mother’s skin not even a spot mark 🙂
    So Gals I personally recommend Honey to be a part of diet Daily for young looking skin

  46. i have dry skin but just now a few days ago on my skin start pimples .,..i m 23year old,,i m worried about it because after 4month my marrage …i start to hunny on my face,,,,pls if u have any tips for me please help me ,,i want also grow my weight because only 42 kg i have i want 45 in 4month nd skin also want fair nd white ,

  47. My mom uses honey on her face and her face is so smooth. I’m gonna start trying it.wish me good luck

  48. Hi, my mom used this since she was young (she’s 50 now). Her skin is amazing. She’s never used make up in her life. So I know for a fact honey helps skin. I also hear washing face with milk is great

  49. Hello ladies, I just turn 40 and it hit me oh my am getting older… I never took care of my face i always used soap (dove) and water , and E oil from walmart cost 1.69. But now that I am getting older and seeing some wrinkles am worried please help… I will try the honey but any other sugestion will be greatly appreciate…thanks!

    1. Hi Avi, you should be able to find other recipes by searching the site… Especially for making custom facial oil which is really nice. Also make sure to stay hydrated by drinking enough water. And look at your diet as well (eat your veggies!). If you want to talk more about it send me a message through the contact form.

    2. Hey Avi,
      I have spent years and many hours of my life researching beauty secrets and the key’s to beautiful skin, I highly recommend purchasing some grape seed oil and using it as your daily moisturizer, Grape seed oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, which means it will help with acne as well as prolonged use will lighten age spots and under-eye circles, you would also greatly benefit from grape seed oils moisture retention properties as this will help fill in those wrinkles with moisture to help mask the appearance of fine lines.

  50. you can apply vinegar first to your face and leave it 2mins. then wash it w/ warm water then put a honey in your face, you will see the beautiful this everyday before you sleep at night.

  51. I’m too busy and never have the time to apply honey to my face at home. The only time I have is when I go to the gym. I clean my face very good before I go to the steamer room. I apply some honey on to my face then while I was just sit in there, I just massage the honey onto my whole face and neck. My skin feels very smooth and soft after. All of you ladies should try this, you will love it.

    1. Do you simply just rub the honey on your face whilst in the steam room?
      And what sort of results have you got from this

  52. Been doing this for years. I leave it on for 1/2 hour though let my face soak in as much goodness as it can, why not spoil the first thing people look into :). I would however not recommend putting honey on eyelids or around eyes since the skin is very delicate around that area. I add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to my honey mask to help clear up any small breakouts however this has been known to irritate most skin types. I would test it in on a little part of skin vs. the entire face. Feel beautiful ladies!

    1. I add powdered oatmeal and leave it for 20 minutes, when I rinse, I rub to exfoliate and it is great. It takes care of dark spots, rashes, irritation, etc.

    2. This seriously works better than anything else I’ve ever tried. I’m 26 and had amazingly good skin until three years ago when my depression and stress-levels got so out of hand that I started breaking out in massive, horrible clusters. I spent a lot of money on cleansers and made it worse, and I tried using just water and it did nothing. With the singular exception of a 28$ all-natural cleanser I can’t usually afford, honey and cinnamon has been the only thing to help and more often than not, literally overnight. Its incredible, plus it smells (and tastes) amazing.

  53. i tried honey on my face,kept it on 15 min rinsed off and did it again when i was finished my skin was unbelievebly soft and smooth.what a big difference…

  54. I tried the honey mask tonight. On the downside, my eyelids were sticking when I wanted to blink… On the plus side, it came off really easily, was easy to clean off hands / sink, and tasty! But most of all, it was really good to know exactly what I was putting on my face and being confident in the very high quality of it. Oh and also, very cheap!

  55. i used a homemade coffee scrub, and while it was nice on my skin, it wreaked havoc on my tub and shower curtains. the huge mess to clean was not worth the minute of pampering.

    honey sounds less risky:)

    1. LOL why will you make a big mess? If you were supposed to just had used it in your face, not bathe in it … Too funny

      1. I too tried a coffee scrub and I assure you it makes a big mess – there’s plenty of oil in the coffee grounds. The amount of water needed to clean up the coffee was too much to consider doing it again. Might try it on the back lawn and hose myself clean sometime!

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